lundi 11 avril 2016

Exclusive: Iran political prisoners denounce Italian Prime Minister’s visit to Iran

Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, west of Tehran

Two Iranian political prisoners have written letters to the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi denouncing his planned visit to Iran on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 as giving the pretext to the clerical regime to further repress the Iranian people under the cover of opening up to the world.
In their letter to the Prime Minister, the two political prisoners Reza Akbari Monfared and Hassan Sadeghi, currently being held in the notorious Gohardasht prison, northwest of Tehran described the human rights situation in Iran ruled by the mullahs as medieval and demanded that any relationship with Tehran must be based on the situation of human right in the country.
 The followings are the text of the letters written to the Italian Prime Minister: 

Letter from pol. prisoner Reza Akbari Monfared

 Dear Mr. Prime Minister of Italy
I have learned of your scheduled visit to Iran.
I considered it my duty to share with you a few matters.
I have been sentenced to 5½ years behind bars and it has been 39 months since I have been in prison, for the mere fact that I phonecalled my brother twice. You are seeking to visit a regime that has already been condemned 36 times in the United Nations General Assembly for its human rights violations. This regime has tried four of my family members – without any legal representation – and executed them for their sympathy and support for the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran. As you are also aware, this regime has engulfed the fire of war throughout the entire Middle East. This regime is seeking anything but engagement, and this is nothing but a bogus claim.
Mr. Prime Minister,
This regime, based on its nature, canot and will not actually engage with the outside world. Over 2,300 have been executed during Hassan Rouhani ’s own tenure as president. You visiting Iran will only legitimize this regime in commiting more crimes. 

Reza Akbari Monfared

Political prisoner of Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, west of Tehran 

Letter from pol. prisoner Hassan Sadeghi 

Dear Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi

I have heard of your decision to visit Iran. Please, do come! Although I am not aware of His Excellency’s objective, I do know that your country (Italy) is one of the most democratic nations in Europe. If your goal is to bring democracy and/or peace to the current state in Iran, considered the Godfather of ISIS by the Iranian people themselves, I suggest you not waste your time. However, if your goal is something other than this, and you did come, I am asking you to accept my invitation and come and visit us so we can inform His Excellency in person of the true nature of this corrupt regime in Iran. However, if your hosts said Gohardasht Prison (Rajaie Shahr) is far from your place, I am asking you to visit the women’s ward of Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison . There you can meet my wife and come to fully understand the true nature of this regime. If your hosts prevented you from visiting Evin, no problem, I then invite you to go and see my two children who are currently living without their parents in Tehran, to see with your own eyes who is the criminal.

Hassan Sadeghi

Political prisoner in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran

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