lundi 11 avril 2016

When a street talks

Poverty in Iran

An abandoned new born baby was placed in a trash bag on April 4th and left in front of a hospital in the city of Mahshahr, Khuzestan Province, southern Iran.
Perhaps one would say the phenomenon of abandoned children is nothing new and happens every day in the four corners of the this cruel world. Poverty or even family problems are usually the main cause of this heartrending story.
Although poverty is also one of the main factors behind unwanted children in the mullahs’ ruled Iran, but there is another frightening reason behind leaving the most vulnerable and innocent human life at the mercy of the chance in the winter cold or summer heat.
 According to the mullahs’ Sharia laws any woman who has a baby before marriage, is subjected to either stoning or hanging. Seeing an unattended baby on the dark hours of night on the pavement of some street or alley would bring tears to ones eyes
This was the case for an Iranian human rights activist and poet, M. Showq when he saw the photograph of this baby in the internet.  He wrote this poem from the eyes of the street;
This is a case of a child abandoned a few year ago. A caricaturist drew this sketch, and metaphorically showed the sorrow of the street curb.

This is a street that talks! 

'Sleep my little child! 
Lay your head on my arms
Even though I can’t protect you from harms
Now you can have a mother
Of course I can’t be a good one for you
But it is several years now I have this job, and do
For kids like you
Sleep my Baby
Of course I can’t be a good mother
For this drama
But I can understand you and your lost mama
I can understand her fate so dark and grey
Because I too am trampled and distressed every day
And feel cold during the nights
And witnessing misery and brutish under the lights
Sleep my Baby
In my arms, and die
Maybe tomorrow someone asks why
Then I shall tell to the world, your story
With my doleful cry
Sleep my Baby, and die

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The Iranian government statistics show that in just one city, Isfahan, central Iran, a monthly average of 16 abandoned child is registered. Isfahan’s deputy manager of the Social Welfare Department said in an interview with Mehr News Agency that more than 96 newborns were found during first 6 mounts of 2014. 'In one city alone in 2009, 150 infants, 145 abandoned child in 2010, 139 in 2011, and 126 babies in 2012, were left abandoned,' he added. 

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