vendredi 1 avril 2016

Iran: Baha’is are suffering inhumane torture in the mullahs’ jails

Crackdown of Baha’is in Iran

24 Iranian Baha’is who were arrested in Iran’s Golestan Province during the period of March 20 12 to March 2013 suffered inhumane torture and beaten during their time in jail. These individuals are “accused of illegitimate relations” and “tortured” through different methods.
Reports show an interrogator wrapped a very tight rope to the wrist of one of the Baha’is by the name of Behnam Hosseini and “linked the other ring to a metal rod above his head”, placing him on a “sloped bed allowing only his toes” touch the ground. They then began beating the prisoner’s legs.
The interrogators also arrested Hana Aghighiyan, a woman Baha’i, forcing her to “go under a table” and “kicking her in the sides and other parts of her body”, in an attempt to force her to answer their questions.
According to other reports the interrogators kept the solitary confinement where these prisoners “very cold, to a point that all their bodies were aching because of the cold. When they protested they were told you must bear the cold for not cooperating.”
“An interrogator would force a woman prisoner to a corner, then would threaten her,” said an informed source in this regard.
These Baha’is were sentenced to a total of 193 years behind bars.
Shahnam Jazzabi and Sheida Ghodusi were each sentenced to 11 years, and Behnam Hassani, Parisa Shaheedi, Pariush Shojaie, Mojhde Zohuri, Bita Mohebati, Bita Hedayati, Vathagh Sanaie, Hana Aghighiyan, Shohre Samimi, Hana Kushak Baghi, Farahnaz Tabianian, Pune Thanaie and Mona Amri Hesari have each been condemned to 9 years behind bars.
Furthermore Naveed Moalemi, Nazi Haghighi Hesari, Karmelia Bidelian, Mitra Nouri, Rofia Pakzadan, Shiva Rouhani, Sudabe Mehdi-nezhad, Maryam Dehghan and Houshmand Dehghan were each sentenced to six years in jail.
 (March 24, 2016)

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