vendredi 1 avril 2016

Women’s employment in the clerical ruled Iran

Women’s employment in Iran

According to a report posted on the state-run website women’s employment in Iran is considered as nearly non-existence.
“From the beginning of this century we have been faced with a social-economic phenomenon of women’s economic participation in occupations outside of the house. Women’s employment in Iran, in comparison to developing countries, is rated as poor. Women always lack adequate occupation opportunities and are mostly occupied in unofficial branches and earning very low wages.
Iran’s 1996 statistics only 12% of women aged 10 and above are considered economically active.
The rate of Iran’s economic activities is very low in comparison to other countries.
The unemployment ration is increasing in Iran, and around 26% of women in urban areas are unemployed. The rate of unemployed educated women, especially in recent years, is increasingly on the rise.”
 ( March 24, 2016)

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