lundi 4 avril 2016

Iran: Standing firm in hunger strike

Political prisoner Massoud Arab Choubdar

Massoud Arab Choubdar launches hunger strike in solidarity with political prisoners Farid Azmoudeh and Iraj Hatami
 Political prisoner Massoud Arab Choubdar who started his hunger strike on Tuesday, March 29, joined two other hunger striking pol. Prisoners who to that date passed their 16th day of the hunger strike. Msassoud Arab Choubdar joined Farid Azmoudeh and Iraj Hatami in solidarity with them and in opposition to the inhumane treatment of the clerical regime ruling Iran.
In a letter to the child of Farid Azmoudeh, currently in prison, Massoud Arab Choubdar said he has launched a hunger strike in solidarity with Farid Azmoudeh and Iraj Hatami.
“Hail to my dear Arteen, hail to the Hatami and Azmoudeh families, and I truly admire you and I know you are very concerned about the critical conditions of Iraj and Farid.
My dear Arteen, I heard you crying at nights. Believe me that I cannot bear your tears, as I am filled with rage.
From behind bars your father taught you a very important lesson. He taught you how to live with pride. Tomorrow, you will be speaking of your father with pride. I have launched a hunger strike today for you, your father and “Uncle Iraj”, our dear friend who is also under the pressures of prison along with your father, but they have not succumbed to the pressures. I will be with them every step of the way. Please draw my picture in your drawing book along with your father and Uncle Iraj.”
Love, Uncle Massoud
Freedom Messengers, Tuesday, 29 March 20 16

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