mardi 5 avril 2016

The Breeze of Saba’s Breath

Reza Haftbaradaran (father of Saba Haftbaradaran):
"On that last journey with my wounded Saba heading to Baghdad, an Iraqi agent affiliated to the Iranian regime called me over and tried to take advantage of my fatherly emotions: Quit the PMOI along with Saba to save her life and place her under urgent surgery …
However, it was Saba who answered the man: “What did he say?” she asked. I told her the truth, on purpose, because at that point both the “Father” and the “Child” had to make a decision. In my utmost surprise Saba said, “Dad, why didn’t you slap him in the face?!”
I took a deep breath and stared proudly at her who had devoted her life to the freedom of her country. I saw that in her deep but sound eyes, she was envisioning something much farther in the horizon, or she would not have been able to give up her life so “easily”.
In the four years since that day, I saw that this “easiness” is truly God’s gift to us, Iranian freedom fighters in the PMOI."
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