mardi 5 avril 2016

Iran: More than 80 prisoners are on death row in just one city

Executions in Iran

The clerical regime ruling Iran has been criticized by majority of human right organizations and other world leaders for such a high number of executions. The number of those executed since the Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani came to office two and a half years ago has exceeded 2300.
In spite all these condemnations, there are more than 80 death row inmates in Kermanshah Central Prison, just one city alone.. The names of 13 of these individuals are known.
“Of the 2,700 inmates, qisas (eye for an eye) rulings have been issued for 86 individuals and they are awaiting due process,” said an informed source form inside Kermanshah’s Diesel Abad Prison.
Massoud Dastan is the name of one of these prisoners who has spent the last 14 years behind bars.
The names of 12 other Kurdish inmates are:

1. Mehran Ashrafi
2. Mehrdad Karami
3. Elahi Ahmadian
4. Sirous Karimi
5. Fariborz Abdullahi
6. Khayam Ghebadi
7. Yazdan Forushani
8. Abdulrahman Mozzafari
9. Massoud Vakili
10. Mohammad Bazani
11. Bahman Fat’hi
12. Keyvan Fo’adfar
Kermanshah prison is considered one of the jails from which very few reports are leaked to the outside world. This reveals high security measures and heavy restrictions are imposed on inmates and civil activists in this facility.

( March 30, 2016)

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