mardi 5 avril 2016

Iran: Hundreds of children are forced to live with their imprisoned mothers

Women in prison with their children in Iran

One of the tragedies in the Iranian prisons affect women who have young children who are dependent of their mother. In the mullahs governed Iran, there is no facility for those women prisoners to have their children grow normally, so in many cases where the mother has nobody to leave her baby with, is forced to keep the child inside her prison cell behind bars.
 “One of the reservations raised by the UN Children Rights Committee (CRC) regarding children in our country is about kids being raised by their mothers behind bars. This committee has emphasized we should not be holding children behind bars,” the state ILNA news agency reported citing regime official Maghare Abed.
In response to remarks made by the Prisons Organization chief in Iran about 200 to 250 children living behind bars with their mothers, Abed said, “Holding these children behind bars will lead to major damages.” She described holding children behind bars as violence against children.
“A number of these children are held in prison due to lack of supplies. This neglects the natural right of these children,” she added.
 ( March 31, 2016)

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