vendredi 25 mars 2016

Iran: College student arrested by IRGC forces

Crackdown of college student in Iran

A college student studying for his master’s degree in Tabriz University (northwest Iran), was arrested on February 25 at his home by Revolutionary Guards intelligence agents.
Two vehicles belonging to IRGC intelligence approached Arash Makri’s home and after forcing themselves into the house arrested the individual without any judicial warrant.
The IRGC agents presented no judicial order and began searching Makri’s home after his arrest, confiscating his belongings including a laptop, mobile phones, flash memory sticks and a number of Kurdish books.
It is also worth noting that during the past few months the IRGC intelligence had summoned Arash Makri twice before and interrogated him based on allegations of having connections to a Kurdish party opposing the Islamic republic. 
(March 22, 2016)

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