jeudi 10 mars 2016

Iran regime bans music exhibitions in universities

New regulations on music performances to further crackdown in Iran
New regulations for music performances on campuses restricting musical exhibitions in universities has been issued by the Council on Islamic Development of Universities and Education Facilities in Iran.
Based on these regulations holding “any concerns and independent concerts are not a priority for universities and are banned.”
Various characteristics of permitted music on campus include:
- Strengthening national identity based on Islamic standards
- Using admissible singers and cultural figures
- Not provoking unconventional emotions
In February all music festivities were cancelled in Tehran’s Sharif Tech University.
These festivities were to be held with tradition, classic, pop and folkloric music, and only university students were allowed to attend.
This council has formulized the regulations and guidelines of all music events in universities. This council consists of the ministers of Sciences, Health and Education, Dean of Free University, head of the Iranian leader’s representative body in universities, head of the “University Jihad” entity, secretary of the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council, head of the Women’s Cultural & Social Council, and heads of the parliament Hygiene and Education & Research commissions.

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