lundi 14 mars 2016

Iran: young Baha’i woman deprived of going to college, arrested for defending her right to education

Crackdown of Bahai minority in Iran

Eight Suppressive State Security guards raided the house of a Baha’I family arresting a number of the residents.
Ruhie Safaju and two other women and six men were arrested at her home. The men identified themselves as employees of the state gas company. After taking video footage of this residence and completely searching the entire home items such as 120 books, laptop, tablet, mobile, photo album, CDs, these agents arrested this young Baha’i woman and transferred to the public prosecutor’s office in Karaj, west of Tehran.
Three other Baha’i citizens by the names of Sarmad Shadabi, Tara Houshmand and Behzad Zabihi were arrested simultaneously.
Based on a phone call made by one of these individuals with his/her family, Safaju, Houshmand and Shadabi are currently held separately in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison .
Prior to this these four Baha’is, who had participated in the nationwide end of the year high school exams, were banned from higher education, simply for being Baha’is. After being deprived of college education, Sarmad Shadabi, Ruhie Safaju and Tara Houshmand wrote a letter of complaint and Dr. Hossein Ahmadi represented these individuals in court. He cited principles 19, 22 and 3 of the constitution to file a complaint at an administrative court of justice. However, officials turned down their request to receive higher education.
 (March 11, 2016)

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