samedi 19 mars 2016

Nowruz in the eyes of the mothers of executed martyrs and political prisoner

Mothers of martyrs and political prisoners in Iran

At a gathering of mothers of those who have been executed by the brutal clerical regime and political prisoners, women who have lost their loved ones to this regime and their revenge is yet to be taken, they expressed their feelings on the eve of the Persian new year called Nowruz .
Mother of Behnoud Ramezani: [Iranian regime] made our New Year’s full of grief.
Mother of Saeed Zeinali: My dear son won’t be there for the spring of freedom.
Mother of Reyhaneh Jabbari: You may have a new spring. Mine is buried with my daughter.
Mother of Mostafa Karim Beigi: Spring will come, but our loved ones never will.
Mother of Afshin Osanlu: As long as we are alive, we will seek to avenge our loved one’s blood.
Mother of Mansour Behkeshi: I will be my son’s voice.
Mother of Omid Ali Shenas: With our motherly love we will be seeking to avenge our loved ones.
On the traditional New Year table: Our New Year table is full of coldness and stones.

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