jeudi 3 mars 2016

Iran: Wagon Pars Co. employees on strike again

Wagon Pars Co. workers on strike to demand their unpaid wages
According to independent news from Iran, workers of Wagon Pars Co. who have not received any salary for past 5 months, staged another demonstration last week in front of the local office of the company in Arak. The protesters were wearing work clothes when they sat on the middle of the road to defy the police action in closing the road. 
 Eventually as the number of protesters grew larger and larger and protesters started to chant slogans, the police had to back down and remove the street barricades. 
 Reports also indicate that an unknown driver drove close by the crowd hitting one the protesters. The injured protester was rushed to the nearby hospital
This company, according to reports, is struggling to keep open its production lines for past two years. This is the third time within past few months that workers are going on strike and protest to demand their unpaid wages. 

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