lundi 2 janvier 2017

Iran: Hundreds of People Gathered in Front of Evin Prison in Support of Political Prisoner Arash Sadeghi

 NCRI - This morning Monday January 2nd 2017, hundreds of people gathered in front of Evin prison demanding the release of political prisoners Arash Sadeghi and his wife golrokh Ebrahimi.
A group of mothers of political prisoners and human rights defenders can be seen among the demonstrators.
Holding the photographs of Arash and Golrokh demonstrators call for immediate release of them and other political prisoners.
Security forces in the streets leading to Evin prison, tried to disperse the crowd, but it is increasing.
Arash Sadeghi’s situation in the seventy-first day of hunger strike in Evin prison is reported critical.

The secretariat of the National Council of Resistance in a statement yesterday announced: Arash Sadeghi lost consciousness after vomiting blood, and suffered severe seizures and his body went into trembling, his kidneys are severely damaged and the risk of intestinal adhesion threatens him. The head of the Evin Prison has told Arash, "I will not let you get out of this prison alive"!

Arash Sadeghi was a student of master degree of philosophy at Allameh University who was denied education because of his student activities and was arrested several times between 2009 to 2014. Finally, he was charged with "propaganda against the regime, assembly and collusion against national security” and has been sentenced to 19 years in prison. Golrokh Iraee his wife is sentenced to six years’ imprisonment on charges of insulting the "leadership system" and writing an unpublished article against the inhumane punishment of death by stoning.
Iranian Resistance calls on human rights organizations and international bodies to take urgent action to save his life.

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