jeudi 3 mars 2016

Destruction of the Ahl-e-Haq

The destruction of places of worship of Ahl-e-Haq in Islamabad by Khamenei thugs is a terrible tragedy. Ayatollah Khamenei's thugs, under the banner of "Shiite followers of the Supreme Leader", brutally stormed Jamkhaneh. This is place of worship of Ahl-e Haq in the city of West Islamabad. They have destroyed the building and its facilities.
Reports say that security agents supporting Khamenei's thugs, attacked those protesting this inhuman act and beat them.
The situation for this minority group is extremely oppressive. From June to August 2013, three of the followers of Yaresan belief, Hassan Razavi, Taheri, and Mohammad Ghanbari in protest to the regime's abusive treatment and discrimination against the followers of Ahl-e Haq died from self immolation.

For the last five years, the regime has been conducting a campaign to uproot the Ahl-e-Haq sect, a Shiite offshoot adhering to Imam Ali the first Shiite Imam. They have been subjected to illegals arrests, torture and many have been executed by the regime. The regime has been systematically raiding mosques and attacking dervish protest gatherings across from the mullahs’ Majlis (parliament) building and arresting 700 participants in the demonstration.
The Iranian Resistance has repeatedly condemned the inhuman and un-Islamic suppressive measures against dervish community and has urged all international human rights organizations to investigate the deteriorating state of religious minorities in Iran.
In 2009, the Iranian Resistance also called on the United Nations Secretary General and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to condemn these measures and to appoint a Special Rapporteur for religious freedom in Iran in order to end such brutal and inhuman suppression.
Other minority groups and religions face similar oppression. According to Amnesty International on August 26, Behrouz Alkhani, a 30-year-old man from Iran’s Kurdish minority, was executed despite the fact that he was awaiting the outcome of a Supreme Court appeal. On August 9, Kurdish political prisoner Sirvan Najavi was hanged in Tabriz Central Prison. The henchmen did not notify his lawyer about the execution and deprived his family from having a last visit with their son. The suppression of Christians has continued unabated and has worsened. Several pastors including Saeed Abedini, an Iranian-American, were incarcerated and sentenced to long terms of imprisonment simply for practicing and advocating their belief.

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