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Honorable Ted Poe, Chair of the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Non-proliferation and Trade of the US foreign relations committee leading a US congressional delegation from the House of Representatives

                Honorable Ted Poe
                                                   Honorable Ted Poe

Judge Poe said in his speech at the Grand Gathering of Paris: 'I am Ted Poe, I am from the great state of Texas. On behalf of my colleagues, it is a bipartisan delegation from the United States congress; we want to thank you for what you do. And to the daughters of Iran and the sons of liberty, to you young people that are here, thank you for your energy, thank you young people for being here in this fight. You are the ones who lead the fight for a free Iran. 
In my former days, I was a judge. Justice is what I believe in, it is what America believes in. But if the Iranian government was put on trial today, it would be found guilty of injustice. It would be found guilty of murder, it would be found guilty of the arrest of political and religious opponents. It would be found guilty of encouraging worldwide terror, and it would be found guilty of meddling in the affairs of other nations. That is why the Iranian government has got to go!
And then there is Iraq, the last time I was in Iraq, I visited with Maliki. I asked him, as the other members of the Congress did at the time that we wanted to go and see firsthand the situation in Camp Ashraf, to see how those people were living. He said NO, NO, NO. He refused to let members of congress to see Camp Ashraf, Why? Because he wanted to hide the truth. He did not wanted us and the world to know what was taking place in Ashraf, any more than he wants the world to see what is taking place in Liberty. He condemns the attack, but no one is held accountable. Nobody has been arrested, nobody has gone to jail. And the attacks continue. He is hiding the truth about what goes on. 
Today while we are here, your friends and your family are in Camp Liberty. They have to hide in holes in the camp to prevent being injured by the possibility of more rockets coming in to Camp Liberty. There is no liberty in Camp Liberty. 
I am proud to have sponsored legislation with a 100 co-sponsors in the House of Representative condemning the innocence who have been attacked in Camp Liberty. Maliki is accomplice, and compliant in the attacks with the government of Iran. 
But we have had some success. Let us not forget that the United States finally has delisted the MEKfrom its FTO list. That is a good thing. And since we have delisted the MEK, we ought to go ahead and list the Iranian government as a foreign terrorist organization. 
Last week the United State senate took steps to pass legislation to help address the safety of the residents in Camp Liberty. And that is good, it is a first step, it is the first issue. Make Camp Liberty safe, because it is the responsibility of us to do so, it has been said. It is the moral obligation of the world, but it is also the legal obligation of the United States and others to make Camp Liberty safe. And then, expedite the removal of the residents of Camp Liberty where they want to go, and the United States needs to quit just talking about that, the United States needs to lead in the relocation of the residents of Liberty. 
Once we bring those folks to the United States, other countries, our friends over here, they would take other residents. But we need to quit just talking about it and we need to act. You know in Camp Liberty there is no liberty; you don’t have a right to a lawyer in Liberty. It is a prison, as Rudy Giuliani said, it is a concentration camp. It is no way to live, and the folks there need to be removed from Iraq. No more murders by the Iraqi government. No more interference by the Iranian government. And those countries would open their doors. The choice to bomb or not to bomb, the choice to give the bomb or ever bomb Iran, they are not the choices. Choices are real simple; let the people of Iran determine their own destiny, not the dictators. Rouhani is no friend of liberty. He has proven, he is no friend of liberty. I call him smooth talking snake oil salesman. He is the big bad wolf of the desert. It was no election for Rouhani, it was a selection. The people of Iran had the choice to pick bears to be eaten by, or to pick a wolf, some choice, some election?? And now the wolf is in charge. 
The first Human Right is the right to be free. It’s the first right for all of us, all over the world. Today, in past and in the future we are born with this desire in our sole to be free, to govern our own destiny. And that is what should happen in Iran, in your country, your homeland. And you got the right leader to do just that with Madam Rajavi and thank you Madam Rajavi for what you do.
And the next time we meet hopefully, you daughters of democracy, you sons of Liberty, we will meet again, we will walk together, shoulder to shoulder in a free and liberated Iran, as we walk the streets of Tehran together.

Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House of Representatives and U.S. Presidential candidate (2012)

                 Newt Gingrich
                                                        Newt Gingrich

Mr. Gingrich said in his speech: 'Let me first thank all of you for being here. When the dictatorship finally collapses, when the people of Iran are finally free, your work, your commitment and your voice would have been a serious part of what had happened. As an American, I am here to tell you how much we need your voice.
For 35 years, we have followed a fail strategy of appeasement. We tried to appease a religious dictatorship which has said again and again that its goal is to defeat us. We focus now temporarily on the nuclear weapon issue, but there is deeper fundamental issue. We will never be safe until the dictatorship is replaced and a free government exists in Iran. 
Syria will never be peaceful as long as the dictatorship continues to fund and help sustain the civil war. Iraq will never be peaceful as long as the dictatorship continues. Remember, for all the talk about the American advisors, there are more Iranian advisors in Iraq today than American, and in fact it is the Iranians who dominate Maliki and he is their puppet.
Finally; we need your help in getting across to the American State Department that it has to be clear about who its friends are, and who its enemies are.  The people in Camp Liberty are our friends, they are allies, they deserve our support, they deserve our help and we must convince the American State Department that it has it exactly backwards. It keeps finding excuses to work with Maliki, excuses to tolerate the dictatorship in Iran, excuses to do whole range of things that are destructive, not just to the United States, but for the future of freedom across the planet. What you are doing is vital, and I urge you not to despair, don’t get frustrated, don’t get impatient. Continue to fight for freedom in Iran.'

Great Gathering of Iranians and Supporters of Resistance from 69 countries in Paris

       Many prominent American dignitaries joined the Paris gathering
                     Many prominent American dignitaries joined the Paris gathering

Ground Report Website, 27 June 2014 - 600 parliamentarians and prominent political figures with different political inclinations from five continents have come to Paris to participate in this gathering of freedom loving Iranians, the supporters of the Iranian Resistance from 63 countries and five continents in Villepinte Hall in Paris. The key note speaker to the event is Mrs. Maryam Rajavi , President-elect of the Iranian Resistance. 
Over 600 political figures, parliamentarians and jurists from all over the globe have entered Paris to participate in this gathering and to express their solidarity with the Iranian Resistance.
Dozens of prominent political figures, as well as special speakers from Syria, addressed this gathering on behalf of large delegations that have participated in the event. A number of prominent international figures also sent messages to declare their solidarity with this gathering.
Representatives of Iranian communities and associations, including the youth represented by more than 300 associations addressed the gathering, too.

Blocking phone calls & visits with lawyer, and torture against Reihane Jabbari

                   Reihane Jabbari, right, and her mother
                                      Reihane Jabbari, right, and her mother

Sho’le Pakravan, the mother of Reihane Jabbari, wrote in her Facebook page: “It has been over a week that Reihane has been transferred to a 9-person room. Unfortunately, the other 8 individuals there are all suffering from major illnesses. AIDS, hepatitis and cancer are very serious illnesses. Besides the fact that I don’t know why such patients must endure their last days of life in prison, I also don’t understand why Reihane has been transferred to this specific room. During the past week she has slept on the ground and in the hallway. On Saturday, I spoke with five of the prison authorities. They promised to change her location but nothing has been done to this day. A prison official has told Reihane that they have orders from their seniors and her location cannot be changed.” ( NCRI , June 29, 2014)

Iran: Afsane Bayazidi detained, transferred to unknown location

                  Women facing continuous repression in Iran
                                Women facing continuous repression in Iran

Last Thursday night, after returning from the town of Bukan, Ms. Afsane Bayazidi, was arrested in her residence and transferred to an unknown location, and there is no information o her whereabouts since. 
Bayazidi, 28, was first arrested on 23 October 2013 on charges of “cooperating with an opposition Kurdish party” along with her brother, Shahu Bayazidi, and then released by bail of 1 billion rials. (Kordpa, June 28, 2014)

‘Ershad’ patrol raids Art University to arrest girl student

                 Crackdown on women in Iran under Rouhani
                              Crackdown on women in Iran under Rouhani

According to reports received from inside Iran, ‘Ershad’ police (the Iranian regime’s so-called Islamic culture and guidance unit) entered the Art University in order to arrest a girl student. Amongst all this, the university security forces used tear spray injuring a number of the students. This is the first time that ‘Ershad’patrols enters a university to arrest a student for mal-veiling. Facing resistance from the students, they resorted to violent measures. According to eyewitnesses, one of the individuals that used a lot of violence against the students was Hamid Ibrahimi. ( NCRI , June 29, 2014)

Iraqi forces in Camp Liberty undertake provocative measures paving way for another massacre

                                                        Camp Liberty

The Iraqi forces affiliated with the Iraqi Prime Ministry undertook provocative and suspicious measures around Camp Liberty at night on Friday, 27 June 2014. The measures were very similar to actions taken by these forces in the weeks prior to the 1 September 2013 massacre in Camp Ashraf.
Iraqi Prime Ministry forces have installed more heavy BKC machine guns pointed directly into the camp and the residents’ trailers.
In two incidents in the middle of the night (12:45 am and 2:00 am) they opened fire with AK-47 rifles into the camp in two different areas, with their bullets passing above the residents’ trailers.
In other incidents they loaded and prepared their rifles to fire, and threw rocks inside the camp. Iraqi forces in various areas around the camp climbed up T-walls and other heights to take films and pictures.
Simultaneously, Major Ahmed Khozeir – one of the elements behind the massacres in Camp Ashraf –began shouting and threatening the residents, saying, “I can throw a few grenades at you right now and kill you all.”
These measures are taking place while in the past days and weeks Iraqi forces have intensified the criminal medical and logistical siege against the residents, preventing emergency patients from being transferred to hospitals and blocking the delivery of many necessities into the camp, such as gasoline.
The Iranian Resistance warns of preparations being made to launch another bloodbath in Liberty. Considering the commitments of the US government and United Nations regarding Liberty residents’ safety and security, it calls for their urgent intervention to end the abovementioned measures and provide the minimum necessary security and humanitarian needs in Camp Liberty.

Maryam Radjavi appelle tous les gouvernements de la région à la solidarité et l’unité contre le régime des mollahs

L’Iran de demain sera porteur d’amitié et de fraternité dans la région. Nous pouvons avoir une région débarrassée d’hostilités, de sectarisme et d’extrémisme, une région dotée de la puissance du progrès 

-          Appel au soutien des membres de l’OMPI au camp Liberty, l’avant-garde de la lute contre les intégristes terroristes au pouvoir en Iran

Le 29 juin, dans une conférence à son siège à Auvers-sur-Oise en présence de personnalités de 17 pays, Maryam Radjavi, Présidente élue de la Résistance iranienne, a adressé ses meilleurs vœux aux musulmans du monde en ce début de mois sacré du Ramadan.
Elle a déclaré le Ramadan de cette année, mois de solidarité avec les peuples d’Irak, de Syrie et d’Iran qui se sont dressés pour leur émancipation des griffes du régime funeste du guide suprême et de ses alliés.
 Maryam Radjavi a souligné que ces 35 dernières années, le régime iranien a été le principal facteur des conflits confessionnels, d’agressions contre divers pays, de division en Palestine, et de massacre de la population innocente en Syrie et en Irak. « L’étape primordiale et la plus importante pour mettre fin à cette situation, a-t-elle dit, est de renverser le régime des mollahs et d’instaurer un gouvernement populaire et démocratique en Iran. L’Iran de demain sera porteur d’amitié, de fraternité et de paix dans la région. Les intérêts du peuple iranien seront solidaires de ses voisins et de ses frères et sœurs arabes et musulmans. Il ne fait aucun doute que dans l’Iran de demain nous serons capables en toute fraternité de régler les problèmes qui seront sur notre chemin ainsi que tous les différends par le dialogue et la concorde. Nous pouvons ensemble débarrasser la région de toute hostilité et divergence et lui donner la force du progrès. »

 S’adressant à tous les gouvernements de la région, elle a déclaré : « Il ne faut pas hésiter et tergiverser alors que les dirigeants iraniens se préparent à répandre la guerre et la destruction dans toute la région. Ce serait désastreux. Il est temps de mettre ce régime au ban des nations. Il faut rompre les relations politiques et économiques, expulser tous ses éléments de vos pays et démanteler ses centres d’espionnage et de terrorisme. Et il est temps de soutenir la persévérance des Moudjahidine du peuple au camp Liberty qui paient un lourd tribut dans le combat contre le principal ennemi de toute la région. »
Dans son intervention, Mme Radjavi a également expliqué que malgré les souffrances endurées dans la région, une réalité plus importante est en train de prendre corps : « Profitant de trois grandes guerres en Irak et Afghanistan, les mollahs iraniens ont étendu leur domination dans la région pendant un quart de siècle et développé le terrorisme et l’intégrisme. Mais trois ans et demi après le début du printemps arabe et de la révolution syrienne, et désormais avec le soulèvement du peuple irakien, ils sont entrés dans le processus inverse et voient leur existence ébranlée par de grandes défaites sur le plan régional.
« Le régime du guide suprême prolonge la souffrance des Syriens. Mais la persévérance extraordinaire de ces derniers et de l’ASL, l’a poussé dans un piège où il ne peut ni avancer, ni reculer. Il se retrouve dans une impasse sans aucune perspective sinon celle d’une défaite totale.
 « En Irak, Maliki et les mollahs voient leur existence mise en danger et veulent mettre leur défaite sur le compte de terroristes extrémistes pour pouvoir à la fois justifier l’intervention des pasdaran et leurs crimes commis contre les innocents et convaincre les USA de bombarder la population des zones libérées.
 « Mais à présent, tout le monde en Irak comme à l’étranger reconnait que ce qui se passe en Irak, est une confrontation entre le peuple irakien d’un côté et Maliki et le régime iranien de l’autre et que la destitution de Maliki sera le premier pas pour améliorer la situation. »
 Des personnalités politiques d’Egypte, de Palestine, d’Irak, de Jordanie, de Syrie, d’Algérie, de Tunisie, du Maroc, du Bahreïn, du Yémen, des Emirats arabes Unis, du Pakistan, d’Afghanistan, d’Inde, de Turquie, d’Azerbaïdjan et d’Iran ont participé à cette conférence.


Liberty : Mesures provocatrices et suspectes des forces irakiennes et préparation du terrain à un nouveau massacre

           Appel aux USA et à l’ONU pour assurer la sécurité des habitants de Liberty
CNRI - Dans la nuit du 27 juin, des forces liées au cabinet du Premier ministre irakien, ont mené des mesures suspectes et provocatrices autour du camp Liberty, des actions très semblables à celles qu’elles avaient prises dans les semaines qui avaient précédé le massacre du 1er septembre 2013 à Achraf.

Les hommes du cabinet du Premier ministre ont installé davantage de mitrailleuses lourdes BKC pointées directement vers le camp et les baraquements des habitants. Dans deux incidents au milieu de la nuit (00 :45 et 2 :00) ils ont ouvert le feu avec des Kalachnikov dans le camp dans deux secteurs distincts, les balles passant au-dessus des baraquements. Dans d’autres incidents, ils ont chargé et préparé leurs fusils pour tirer, puis ont lancé des pierres dans le camp. Les forces irakiennes ont grimpé sur les murs du camp dans plusieurs points et sur d’autres hauteurs pour prendre des films.

Parallèlement, le major Ahmed Khozeir – un des hommes derrière les massacres d’Achraf – s’est mis à crier en menaçant les habitants : « Je peux vous lancer des grenades là, tout de suite, pour vous tuer tous. »

Ces mesures surviennent alors que ces derniers jours et ces dernières semaines, les forces irakiennes ont intensifié le blocus criminel médical et logistique, empêchant les malades urgents d’aller à l’hôpital et bloquant la livraison de nombreux biens de première nécessité dans le camp, comme le carburant.

La Résistance iranienne met en grade contre les préparatifs pour lancer un nouveau bain de sang à Liberty. Vu les engagements du gouvernement américain et de l’ONU sur la sécurité des habitants de Liberty, elle les appelle à intervenir de toute urgence pour mettre fin à ces mesures et apporter un minimum de sécurité et de besoins humanitaires à Liberty.

Secrétariat du Conseil national de la Résistance iranienne
Le 29 juin 2014

Retour sur le rassemblement du conseil national de la resistance iranienne à Villepinte

France 3, 28 juin - Comme chaque année le conseil national de la résistance iranienne tenait hier son rassemblement annuel au parc des Expositions de Villepinte. Des milliers d'opposants au régime de Téhéran venus du monde entier y participaient. La résistance iranienne dont le siège est à Auvers-sur-Oise est soutenue par des habitants et des élus d'Ile-de-France.

dimanche 29 juin 2014

Speech by Adrianus Melkert, former leader of the Dutch Labor Party and Special Representative of UN Secretary General to Iraq (2009 to 2011);

                 Ad Melkert 2
                                                           Ad Melkert 2

Ambassador Melkert said: 'Dear friends, it is truly a special moment to be here with you today and I am grateful for the opportunity to express at this truly impressive meeting, my feeling of deep sympathy with the cause of freedom, the need reconciliation and the promise of peace, democracy and social progress in Iran and the wider region of the Middle East that is in such trouble and turmoil today. And to express my strong hope that the humanitarian imperative and the cause of human rights should prevail over political considerations and calculations to which no individual should be held hostage. Sadly, as we know, this continues to be the case for those that were uprooted in Ashraf before discovering themselves impeded to settle down in peace and safety despite promises made. I remember during my term of office as Special Representative of the UN Secretary General that we encountered no spirit of compromise or dialogue that seems to provide the minimum of guarantees necessary to recognize the humanitarian primacy that was and is the future of the Ashraf residents. Countless efforts we invested in bringing your families, friends and colleagues and our fellow human beings into the spotlight and onto a better place to live in a world that was inclined to look the other way. That is why I urged time and again Prime Minister Maliki to relieve the unacceptable pressure and to help look for peaceful and genuine solutions. And that is why on so many occasions I urged the diplomatic community in Baghdad to assume their global humanitarian responsibility and to open their hearts and minds to create heavens that would be safer outside Iraq. I am proud that we stood our grounds in that humanitarian endeavor without bending for forces that wanted to have it their way. Including through intimidation and bloodshed that have made so many victims, of whom I want to respectfully commemorate today. Now, some three years later I’m very concerned that Camp Liberty has turned into a place unworthy of its name’s promise. That there is no end in peace in sight, that the international community prefers silence over outcry. On top of that, matters are now worsening all the time in the wake of the bitter confrontation and destructive polarization that are undermining stability, trust and development in Iraq and Syria and indeed between the powers and forces that play their games, disregarding the damage done and victims made among the innocent. With so many concerns mounting, who is still going to care for what was not right from the outsets. With so many gross violations of human rights multiplying who will still bear to knock at the door of justice and provide safe shelter for the Liberty residents. Yet, such is our duty and this is my appeal today. More than ever it is now necessary not to look the other way or to be overwhelmed by everything that it harming the future of countless men and women, secular or faithful, of all sects and ethnicities of that wonderful part of the world that provided us with the heritage of millennial of culture and civilization. More than ever let all those who believe in the force of human power and humanitarian conviction join hands in helping to stem the violence and turning the tide in the region and for a cause of human rights and to obey the humanitarian imperative, let us double our efforts to find solutions and set free in safety the Liberty people that should not be left alone.

Governor Howard Dean, governor of Vermont and also the chairman of the Democratic National Committee spoke at the Paris Convention

                 Governor Howard Dean
                                              Governor Howard Dean

Governor Howard Dean said: 'Most of you know that I ran the Democratic Party and Democratic National Convention in 2008. There are more people in this hall than there were at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 and the Republican National Convention in 2004.
 So, all those State Department say, when they are busy trying to keep American from keeping its promises, they say, Oh! The MEK does not have any support, Oh YaCome on over here State Department and see all this support!! So, there have been great speeches today, but I am not going to give that kind of speech. Everybody who has a pencil or a pen should take it out now.
Last year when I came here, I said to Madam Rajavi and the leadership that you need a better presence in the social media. They went to work. You see these tweets. Let me tell you how successful you are. You have already done 200,000 and not only you are at the top 6, but every hour since this is  begun in 15 minutes you are the biggest tweeters in the entire world.  Number One
The first thing we are going to do is more twitting. I want you to use, Iran, why? Because the mullahs use Iran, and now you have made so many that we have taken Iran  away from mullahs,  we are going to use Iran, because first we take their  and then we take the country back.
Next, they have also started a campaign through sending petitions through, about the 1988 massacre of the 30 thousand people by the Ayatollahs before, and two, they have a campaign about Camp Liberty. It is important that you on to website Go on that website there are two petitions. We need you to sing those petitions.
Those creations for young activists both in Europe and in the United States to begin to require the white house to keep the word the White House and our troops have given for so many years. This is the way we built support, this is the way we use the social media.
Finally, now that we have done those two things... the third thing I want you to do is go to I want everyone in this hall to send a note to president Obama asking him to keep American’s word and bring the people out of Liberty. It is time that is not just a group of Americans and parliamentarians and people from around the world that are asking the United States to keep its word, it is time that a very large international group of both American and Iranian expats from all over the world to insist that America keep its word. It is no longer enough that put pressure on the State Department and on the National Security Council. Now we are going to make this President Obama’s responsibility and he will answer for what he does.'

Governor Bill Richardson, governor of New Mexico, 2003-2011,was one of the hunreds speakers at the Paris Convention

                 Governor Bill Richardson
                                            Governor Bill Richardson

Bill Richardson, served as the governor of New Mexico, 2003-2011, he also served as the US Ambassador to the UN and as the US Secretary of Energy
Gov. Richardson said: 'I have two questions for you. One of them requires a YES, and the other one requires a NO. So it is going to be very easy. My first question:  
Has there been any change since Rouhani came to office? (NO)
The second question, is there hope for change for Iran? (YES)
It’s a great honor for me to participate with governor Dean and so many bipartisan leaders from the United States and from around the world. But you are the stars here today. The first question، has there been a change?
The answer is NO. There has been more executions under Rouhani, there has been more repression. They said they were going to release political prisoners, it did not happen.
Did they change their behavior?  The answer is NO, they continue to repress, the genocide the people of Syria, They continue fight against human rights in the entire Middle East. They refuse to say to Maliki that you should have an enclosed government of Shiite and Sunni and Kurds to save Iraq.
But there has not been any change with Rouhani. There has not been any serious change in nuclear negotiation with the West and the United States. But the most important question for us! is there change for Iran?
The answer is YES, because it is you, it is the MEK, it is Maryam Rajavi , it is the freedom loving people of Iran that are in this room, that want democracy, that want human rights.
I have been coming here for many years. I never have seen such a big crowd.'

Senator Joseph Lieberman addressed the grand gathering in Paris

              Senator Joseph Lieberman
                                        Senator Joseph Lieberman

Senator Lieberman served honorably and well in the US Senate for many years and with the Democratic Party he was a vice-presidential nominee in 2000.Sen. Lieberman:  I am honored to join you today in a great cause which is the cause of freedom and human rights and independence for the people of Iran. I am honored to stand at this podium after President-elect Rajavi. But, it’s not so easy to follow such a great speech. It was brilliant, it was honorable, it was visionary. Madam Rajavi, what a great leader, she set out a path to victory and gave us all a reasonable hope that we will succeed in liberating the people of Iran.
I am honored to be here and as we used to say in the United States Senate as a point of personal privilege, I am honored to be here with my wife, Pedesta Ester Lieberman. 
My friends, I want first to thank each of you in this massive crowd for the effort you have made to come here from all over the world to be part of this resistance. In doing so, I hope you know that you are not just attending another meeting. You have chosen to be part of history. Part of changing history and it is a long history of patriotic and courageous people who have fought for and achieved their freedom. It is a history that goes back if I my say so to the emancipation of the Jewish people from slavery in ancient Egypt. It’s the same fight that was waged by the brave Americans who won our independence through revolution in 18th century; to all the French patriots who fought for and won their freedom and their revolution in the 19th century; to the brave soldiers who defeated Nazism and fascism in the Second World War; to the heroic people whose revolutionary uprisings collapsed the Soviet Union in the 20th century; to the people in the Arab world who have risen up for their freedom and opportunity in our time.
By choosing to be here today, you join that history and advance it because you and we are engaged in a historic struggle to liberate the people of Iran, a great nation with a proud history, from the evil regime that is holding them hostage, and we will do it.
Madam Rajavi referred to the religious fundamentalists who are temporarily at the head of the Iranian government. They are religious but in the American view, they are leading a government that is profoundly sacrilegious. And they are doing that because they are denying the people of Iran the human rights to life, liberty and happiness that the American Declaration of Independence makes clear is the endowment of every individual on earth, not from the government, but from the God Almighty.
That is why the American revolutionaries in the 18th century, men like Jefferson and Franklin declared that resistance to tyrants is obedience to God. And so, I say today to the people of Iran, the people to the resistance, and I say it also to the tyrants who today rule over Iran: never forget resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
In resisting the current regime in Iran, we must be realistic, we must not close our eyes to what they do, or our ears to what they say. It is a year now since the soft smile of Rouhani has replaced the threatening grimace of Ahmadinejad. But I ask you my friends, has anything else about the policies of Iran changed in the 1st year? (Crowd: NO) I couldn’t agree with you more. Iran under Rouhani continues to directly support mass murder of the innocent people of Syria. Iran under Rouhani continues to fund and train violent, murdering terrorists in the Middle East and beyond. Iran under Rouhani continues to insist on maintaining its nuclear capability, and the systems and weapons to deliver it.  Rouhani continues to punish, imprison Iranians who simply want to speak their minds, and it does more than that, as Madam Rajavi said so powerfully, in increasing numbers it kills the dissidents by hanging.
Iran under Rouhani continues to leave the people of Iran suffering economically from poverty and unemployment. And yet in spite of all that and as I say we can see it with our eyes, we can hear from our ears, there are those outside of Iran, including people in high places, who want to see Iran as they wish it would be, not as it is today, and I am afraid some of those are in the United States. Those who meet with the regime, who trust its representatives, who consider working with Iran in Iraq, deceive themselves; but more than that, they endanger the rest of us. Their hopes blind their eyes to the truth. Nothing has changed in Iran under Rouhani and Khamenei. They are the enemies of freedom, the enemies of American and the enemies of the people of Iran.
There is only one sure way to secure the world from the threat that this regime and Tehran represent: it is for the Iranian people to overthrow these tyrants, and for freedom loving people throughout the world to support this next great revolution.
You of the National Council of Resistance of Iran know all this and have fought valiantly and effectively to wake up the world’s leaders from their sleep and illusions before it is too late. I thank you for that, and I want to thank you as an American, for all you have done to enable America to have the intelligence necessary to protect our people and our allies from Iranian backed terrorism and Iranian backed nuclear weapons. We could not do it without your help.
So it is time for America to come to our values; America which we proudly called the land of the free and the home of the brave. It is time for us to give full support to the brave Iranians of the resistance, who are today fighting to be free. Remember the warning from Dante that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crises preserved their neutrality. There is a moral crisis in Iran today. There is a moral crisis at Camp Liberty in Iraq today, and for anyone, including particularly America, to remain neutral in the face of these moral crises is just plain wrong.
I want to say to you that the program of the National Council of Resistance of Iran is totally  consistent with American values. You are not just the enemy of our enemies. You are our friends, our allies, our brothers and sisters, our partners in the pursuit of freedom, human rights and the rule of law. The spread of freedom is our shared goal and it is our destiny, and I will tell you, as you can see by the extraordinary group of American leaders who are here today that support for the resistance is growing in America. As a matter of fact I said to one of my friends from America today that in Washington these days you don’t see this kind of partisan delegation that you see here in France in support of the resistance.
Now let me say finally, really to echo the moving words of Madam Rajavi. We know that the battle ahead will not be easy, but we will not surrender and I hope you will take comfort and encouragement from the words of the original freedom fighters in America, Thomas Payne, who said, “Tyranny is not easily conquered. Yet we have this consolation, the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”
So, let us go forward from this extraordinary event, prepared to pay any price and bear any burden to assure the glorious triumph of liberty for the people of Iran that will make the world a better and safer place for us and our children.
Thank you and God bless you.

Report denied of Reyhane Jabbari being granted amnesty

                 Reihane Jabbari
                                                  Reihane Jabbari

Following reports ofReihane Jabbari being granted amnesty from her death sentences, the son of an Iranian regime official issued a statement denying any such amnesty. The text of the rebuttal is as follows:
Following a report issued by the (state-run) ISNA news agency in which Jedari Forughi, the lawyer of the Reihane family, provided information on advances made about gaining the consent of the victim’s family to announce amnesty, ‘Jalal Sarbandi’, the son of Dr. Morteza Sarbandi, provided the following text and requested its publication:
“He is lying. I say officially that neither me, as the son of Morteza Sarbandi, nor any other family member of my family has had no contacts with Mr. Jedari Forughi, Reihanie Jabari’s lawyer, and under no conditions do we have any intention to negotiate with him, and news and text posted by him on this case is not confirmed by the Sarbandi family.”

Iran: mother of four commits suicide in city of Ravansar

                                     Suicide on the rise in Iran
On Monday, June 23rd, a middle-aged woman by the name of Farahnaz Sattaie, committed suicide and ended her life. She had four children and was a resident of ‘Rutvand’ near the city of Ravansar, and she tragically ended her life by hanging herself.
According to statistics published by Kordpa news agency, in the spring of this year alone, 20 Kurdish women and girls in Iran’s Kuridstan have committed suicide for various reasons. Social experts have cited “poverty, unemployment, social problems and family disputes” as amongst the main reasons behind suicides in Iran, especially in the Kurdish regions. (Kordpa - June 25, 2014)

Le comité chargé de la répression des Achrafiens continue le pillage des biens d’Achraf

             Le comité chargé de la répression des Achrafiens continue le pillage des biens d’Achraf
Vol de plus de 400 jeeps Land Cruisers d’Achraf pour lancer la 9e division Badr
CNRI - Dans la poursuite du pillage à grande échelle et systématique des biens d’Achraf ces derniers jours par le comité chargé de la répression des Achrafiens au cabinet du Premier ministre irakien, Hadi Ameri, commandant de la 9e division Badr a ordonné à ses troupes de s’emparer de la totalité des Jeeps Land Cruisers de l’Ompi à Achraf, soit plus de 400 véhicules. Hadi Ameri a dit que les véhicules serviraient à relancer la 9e division Bad. De son côté, le comité de répression continue son pillage à Achraf.
Hadi Ameri a « intention de réorganiser ce qui reste de ces forces et de les utiliser dans la guerre et les tueries confessionnelles dans la province de Diyala. Pour mettre ces véhicules en état de marche, depuis le 21 juin, il a amené des hommes à lui du ministère des Transports à Achraf.

Actuellement, quotidiennement, des véhicules sont transférés dans les bureaux de Badr. Pour masquer l’ampleur de ce vol à grande échelle, ils sont sortis par les portes Est et Ouest d’Achraf.

Il y a d’autres forces déployées dans Achraf, comme les miliciens d’Assaeb Al-Hagh, et qui se livrent au pillage des biens des Achrafiens. Mais Hadi Ameri leur a fait dire qu’il s’appropriait l’ensemble des véhicules.

Secrétariat du Conseil national de la Résistance iranienne
Le 27 juin 2014 

Iran - Grand gathering of Iranians and supporters of resistance from 69 countries in Paris

Grand gathering of Iranians and supporters of resistance from 69 countries in Paris – Villepinte:
Speech by Maryam Rajavi on Iraq crisis, meddling by and impact on the Iranian regime, Rouhani’s record in a year, and challenges of nuclear negotiations
 600 parliamentarians and prominent political figures from five continents have come to Paris to participate in this gathering
In a few hours, the grand gathering of Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance from 63 countries and five continents will begin in Villepinte Hall in Paris. The key note speaker to the event is Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance. Over 600 political figures, parliamentarians and jurists with different political inclinations from all over the globe have entered Paris to participate in this gathering and to express their solidarity with the Iranian Resistance.
Maryam Rajavi will offer a speech to this gathering about the crisis in Iraq, the mullahs’ regime meddling, the strategic impact of Iraq in crisis on the trend of developments in Iran, the developments in Syria, as well as the prospect of the mullahs’ regime. Mrs. Rajavi, together with the present personalities, shall discuss the solution to the current crisis in Iraq.
In this meeting, held one year after the clerical regime’s President Mullah Rouhani took office, Mrs. Rajavi shall assess Rouhani’s record and any accomplishment of his promises in political, economic and social realms, in particular the catastrophic trend of the nationwide suppression and execution inside Iran and the continuation of regime’s warmongering in the region.
On the eve of the nuclear accord deadline, Rajavi shall also discuss the challenges ahead in the P5+1 negotiations with the Iranian regime to contain mullahs’ nuclear project and the mullahs’ regime deadlock in the final solution aimed at preventing the mullahs from acquiring the bomb.
Dozens of prominent political figures, as well as special speakers from Syria, shall address this gathering on behalf of large delegations that have participated in the event. A number of prominent international figures also sent messages to declare their solidarity with this gathering.
Representatives of Iranian communities and associations, including the youth represented by more than 300 association will address the gathering.
The memory of martyrs of the path to freedom in Iran will be honored in this program. Messages of political prisoners from mullahs’ regime prisons in support of the Iranian Resistance will be read out.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 27, 2014
Speakers to this program moderated by Ms. Linda Chavez, former White House Director of Public Liaison, and Ms. Frances Townsend, Homeland Security Advisor to U.S. President (2004-2008), are:
From the United States: Rudi Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City and U.S. Presidential candidate (2008); Joseph Lieberman, former Senator; Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House of Representatives and U.S. Presidential candidate (2012); Howard Dean, former Governor of Vermont and Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (2005-2009); a delegation from U.S. Congress, including Ted Poe, Chair of Subcommittee on Terrorism, Non‐proliferation and Trade, Danny Davis, and Loretta Sanchez; Tom Ridge, first Secretary of Homeland Security; General Hugh Shelton, Chairman of the U.S. Army Joint Chiefs of Staff (1997-2001); General George Casey, Chief of Staff of the United States Army and Commander of Multi-National Force – Iraq (2004-2007); Louis Freeh, Director of FBI (1993-2001); Bill Richardson, former U.S.
Ambassador to the United Nations and Governor of New Mexico (2003-2011); John Bolton, former U.S.permanent Ambassador to the United Nations; Dennis Hastert, former speaker of the House of Representatives; Michael Mukasey, US Attorney General (2007-2009); Robert Torricelli, former Senator and legal representative of Ashraf and Camp Liberty residents; Robert Joseph, former US Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security/; Ambassador Phillip Crowley, Assistant Secretary of State (2009-2011); General James Conway, the 34th Commandant of the Marine Corps; General David Phillips, former US Chief of Military Police and commander of all Police operation in Iraq; Colonel Wesley Martin, former commander of Anti-terrorism Force Protection for all Coalition Forces in Iraq and commander of U.S. protection at Camp Ashraf; Colonel Thomas Cantwell, commander of Ashraf protection, Ambassador Marc Ginsberg, U.S. Ambassador to Morocco and White House Adviser for Middle East Policy; Lincoln Bloomfield, former undersecretary for State Department; Alan Dershowhitz, most prominent lawyer for Criminal law; Patricia Solis Doyle, Senior Adviser to the U.S. Presidential Campaign in 2008; Pedro Agramunt and Jordi Xucla, Head of EPP Group and Head of ALDE Group respectively at the European Council;
And from Arabian countries we had personalities such as Sid Ahmed Ghozali, former Prime Minister of Algeria; Mohammed al-Aarabi, former foreign minister of Egypt; Saleh Alkalab, Senator and former minister from Jordan; Nejat Al-Astal legislator from Palestine;
Pandli Majko, former Prime Minster, on behalf of a large delegation from Albania;
From Canada: Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister, and Ross Hiebert, Member of Parliament;
From Spain: Jose Louis Rodriguez Zapatero, former Prime Minister;
From Nordic countries: Geir Haarde, former Prime Minister of Iceland;
From the European Parliament: Alejo Vidal-Quadras, vice-President of European Parliament; Struan Stevenson, President of European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Iraq
From Britain: Alexander Carlile, prominent member of House of Lords on behalf of a high-level delegation from both British Houses, jurists, and prominent political and human rights activists in this country who participated in this gathering;
From France: Gilbert Mitterrand, President of France Liberte; Michele Alliot-Marie, French Minister of Defense, Minister of Justice, and Minister of Home Affairs (2002-2011); Bernard Kouchner, former Minister of Foreign Affairs; Rama Yade, former Advisor to Foreign Minister on Human Rights and Vice President of French Radical Party; Jean-Pierre Béquet, member of Val d’Oise provincial council; Dominique Lefebvre, member of French National Assembly; Jean- François Legaret, Mayor of the 1th district of Paris; Jean-Pierre Michel, Senator and founder of French Committee for a Democratic Iran; Ms. Neli Rolland, Mayor of Villepinte;
From Italy: Giulio Maria Terzi, Minister of Foreign Affairs (until April 2013); Ingrid Betancourt, former Presidential candidate in Colombia;
Günter Verhuegen, former Vice-President of the European Commission; Otto Bernhardt, Chair of German Committee in Solidarity with Free Iran; Adrianus Melkert, former leader of the Dutch Labour Party and Special Representative of UN Secretary General (2009 to 2011); Ardelean ben-oni, Senator from Romania.

samedi 28 juin 2014

Message de condoléances pour le décès de Maurice Boscavert, ancien maire de Taverny

CNRI - C’est avec une immense tristesse que nous avons appris le décès de Maurice Boscavert, maire durant 25 années de la ville de Taverny, au nord de Paris, dans la matinée du 25 juin à l’âge de 72 ans, emporté par une crise cardiaque.

Cet homme épris de liberté et de justice, grand ami de la résistance iranienne et des Achrafiens, figuraient au nombre des personnalités françaises qui ont déployé de multiples efforts pour obtenir la protection et garantir les droits des Achrafiens désormais emprisonnés au camp Liberty.

Maurice Boscavert présidait le Comité des maires français en défense d’Achraf. Ce comité fédère près de 14000 maires et élus français. Il a été créé par Maurice Boscavert en 2010, année où il avait accueilli dans sa ville le grand meeting annuel de la Résistance.
Cette année, malgré la grave maladie qui le rongeait, il avait répondu à l’invitation à ce grand meeting que malgré son état de santé critique, il serait parmi nous pour soutenir ses frères d’Achraf.

Auparavant, il avait déclaré dans un message que jusqu’à son dernier souffle, il rechercherait la justice pour les personnes vulnérables, et que même quand il aurait rendu l’âme et que sa bouche serait pleine de terre, ses lèvres bougeraient encore pour demander la justice.

Maryam Radjavi, profondément attristée par le décès de Maurice Boscavert, a adressé ses condoléances à sa famille, aux élus qui ont travaillé avec lui à Taverny et dans le Val d’Oise, à la population de Taverny, au Comité des maires français en défense des Achrafiens, et à toutes les personnalités politiques et les élus français qui ont accompagné et collaboré avec Maurice Boscavert, ainsi qu’aux Achrafiens et à la grande famille de la Résistance iranienne.
Maryam Radjavi a estimé que Maurice Boscavert était une grande personnalité courageuse, éprise de justice et de liberté. Il incarnait en tant qu’élu, les valeurs de la République et de la révolution française.

Il s’est tenu aux côtés de la Résistance iranienne et des combattants de la liberté à Achraf et Liberty dans les moments les plus difficiles et a toujours eu un message de solidarité et d’espoir pour le peuple iranien dans sa lutte pour la liberté.

Au nom du peuple iranien et de sa résistance et au nom des combattants de la liberté dans la prison de Liberty, je rends hommage à la mémoire de ce grand homme. Comme il le disait dans ses derniers jours, il ne fait pour moi aucun doute qu’il ne nous quittera jamais et que de par sa foi intime dans la liberté et la justice, il sera toujours présent dans notre campagne et représente la conscience éveillée du peuple français et de cette terre d’asile, de droits humains et de liberté. 


Discours de Maryam Radjavi -Grand rassemblement -Villepinte

Au nom de Dieu,
Au nom de l’Iran et du peuple iranien,
Au nom de la liberté, au nom de la résistance et de l’armée de libération
Au nom des martyrs et des prisonniers politiques, prisonniers de conscience et résistants.

Je vous salue à tous, vous qui êtes venus des cinq continents. Je salue les personnalités, les porte-parole et les représentants de 69 pays du monde venus apporter leur solidarité au peuple iranien et à sa résistance.
Je voudrais ici rende hommage à Maurice Boscavert , ce grand homme de la justice et de la liberté et maire de Taverny qui nous a récemment quitté. 
Je salue les Moudjahidine du peuple, d’Achraf Radjavi et Moussa Khiabani, jusqu’à Sedigheh et Neda et Gholam-Reza Khosravi, des flammes qui illuminent la voie et des héros qui ouvrent le chemin de cette bataille de 33 ans contre les intégristes religieux.

Saluons les peuples insurgés de Syrie et d’Irak et leur campagne pour la liberté et la démocratie contre le terrorisme et l’intégrisme !

Chers compatriotes, Mesdames et Messieurs,
Nous sommes à un instant crucial de l’histoire de l’Iran et du Moyen-Orient ; un tournant marqué par les réalités majeures du moment et ces réalités constituent la phase terminale du régime du Guide suprême.

L’explosion de colère populaire en Irak a déstabilisé l’occupation de ce pays par le régime iranien. Son investissement de onze années en Irak est parti en fumée. Les mollahs qui voulaient éviter de boire la coupe de poison du recul dans le domaine nucléaire, voient maintenant la totalité de leur régime sous le coup du poison de la défaite en Irak.

Dès le début, en raison de sa position géopolitique particulière, l’Irak a été la première cible du Guide suprême pour l’exportation de l’intégrisme et du terrorisme. La guerre de huit ans de Khomeiny avec le slogan de « la conquête de Jérusalem via Karbala », visait l’occupation de l’Irak et de ses sanctuaires sacrés. A cette époque, l’Armée de libération nationale iranienne, avec à son actif plus de 100 attaques, la libération de la ville de Mehran et sa préparation pour foncer vers Téhéran, a forcé Khomeiny à boire ce qu’il a qualifié lui-même de « coupe de poison du cessez-le-feu ».

Lire La Suite....

Villepinte – Grand rassemblement iranien

27 juin, 2014 
Maryam Radjavi : les mollahs sont les principaux perdants des événements en Irak
•    la « modération » de Rohani n’est qu’un mirage
•    le compte à rebours a commencé pour les mollahs
•    Le changement en Iran est inévitable

CNRI - Dans les négociations nucléaires, le régime iranien cherche à gagner du temps et à garder ouverte l’accès à la bombe atomique

Le grand rassemblement des Iraniens et des partisans de la Résistance iranienne venus de 69  pays s’est ouvert  dans l’après-midi du 27 juin en présence de plus de 600 personnalités politiques, juridiques et parlementaires de diverses tendances politiques dans le hall d’exposition de Villepinte dans le nord de Paris.

Maryam Radajvi, Présidente élue de la Résistance iranienne et invitée d’honneur, s’est exprimée sur les  événements en Irak. « Dès le début, en raison de sa position géopolitique particulière, l’Irak a été la première cible du Guide     suprême pour l’exportation de l’intégrisme et du terrorisme. Après l’attaque américaine sur l’Irak, le régime des mollahs a réalisé son rêve. La Force terroriste Qods s’est emparée du sort du peuple irakien; l’erreur historique du gouvernement américain, c’est d’avoir considéré le régime du Guide suprême en Irak comme une partie de la solution et d’avoir partagé le pouvoir avec lui », a-t-elle regretté.
Elle a ajouté : « Le régime a tenté en vain de s’opposer à la révolte du peuple irakien en lui collant l’étiquette de terroriste et en réduisant l’insurrection de millions de personnes à un groupe extrémiste. Or ces dernières semaines les chefs de tribus et le peuple irakien ont condamné avec force plusieurs fois tout extrémisme, terrorisme et agression contre les civils. Aujourd’hui, un vaste consensus a pris forme en Irak et sur le plan international pour dire que la situation actuelle en Irak est due à la monopolisation du pouvoir par Maliki et à la répression qu’il mène. Il n’y a qu’une solution et c’est la destitution de Maliki, d’évincer le régime iranien d’Irak et de former un gouvernement démocratique d’union nationale. Seul le régime iranien soutient ouvertement le maintien au pouvoir de Maliki. »

Préoccupée par les intrigues des mollahs et de Maliki contre les habitants du camp Liberty, elle a insisté sur la responsabilité des USA et du Secrétaire général de l’ONU quant à la sécurité, la protection et la santé de ces demandeurs d’asile. Elle a demandé aux USA de les transférer, même provisoirement, sur leur territoire ou dans un pays européen, aux frais des habitants de Liberty, de garantir la sécurité de Liberty, de contraindre le gouvernement irakien à cesser toute attaque et agression contre eux et de mettre fin au blocus inhumain du Camp Liberty.

Elle a expliqué que les mollahs se retrouvent dans une impasse stratégique dans le dossier nucléaire. D’un côté  ils redoutent les conséquences internes et internationales de leur course à l’arme atomique et d’un autre, ils ont peur de l’impact interne de leur recul dans ce domaine et de l’effondrement de leur régime.
Ils veulent profiter de la politique de complaisance de l’Occident pour gagner autant de temps que possible et garder ouverte la voie à l’accès à bombe atomique. Mme Radjavi a ajouté que tout accord éventuel avec le régime iranien doit inclure les points suivants : Accepter le protocole additionnel et les inspections inopinées des sites déclarés ou non et l’interrogatoire sans limite de tous les protagonistes ; l’arrêt de tous les sites et projets atomiques du régime, comme Arak, Natanz et Fordou ; tenir le régime iranien responsable de ses violations des droits humains en Iran, des génocides en Syrie et en Irak parallèlement aux négociations nucléaires.

Evaluant le bilan d’une année du mollah Rohani, le président soi-disant modéré des mollahs, Mme Radjavi a assuré : « J’ai averti il y a un an, ceux qui en Occident parlaient de changement rapide, que rien ne changerait avec Rohani et que seules les crises du régime iraient en s’aggravant. Aujourd’hui, un an après l’arrivée de Rohani, la situation est en crise grave dans tous les domaines. Une fois de plus, il a été prouvé que la « modération » dans ce régime n’est qu’un mirage. Il a épuisé toutes ses réserves stratégiques et se retrouve dans une impasse mortelle sur tous les plans. »

Mme Radjavi a ajouté que la force motrice et directrice de la situation n’était pas la confrontation entre le régime et les USA dans le dossier nucléaire ou la controverse entre les deux factions au pouvoir en Iran. La bataille principale reste celle qu’ont livrée, livrent et livreront le peuple iranien et sa Résistance contre le régime du Guide suprême. Le changement en Iran est inévitable. Cependant il ne viendra pas de l’intérieur du régime mais se fera par le peuple iranien et sa Résistance. Le peuple iranien veut un changement de régime et la force menant à un changement sérieux et fondamental est la Résistance iranienne. Elle est le principal acteur de toute évolution en Iran. C’est pourquoi les mollahs essaient de retarder leur chute en augmentant les exécutions dans le pays, en massacrant l’OMPI à Achraf et Liberty et en diffusant une propagande trompeuse.

Elle a rappelé que la Résistance iranienne veut une république fondée sur la séparation de la religion et de l’Etat, sur l’égalité des femmes et des hommes, sur l’abolition de la peine de mort et un Iran non nucléaire. « Notre rassemblement d’aujourd’hui reflète le désir de démocratie et de liberté de toutes les couches de la population, y compris les prisonniers politiques. Il est temps que la communauté internationale se range du côté du peuple iranien. »
Secrétariat du Conseil national de la Résistance iranienne
Le 27 juin 2014

jeudi 26 juin 2014

15th day of hunger strike by 4 Sunni pol prisoners in prison west of Iran’s capital

                 Four Sunni political prisoners in Ghezel Hesar Prison in Karaj, west of Tehran
       Four Sunni political prisoners in Ghezel Hesar Prison in Karaj, west of Tehran

Four Sunni political prisoners on death row entered their 15th day of their hunger strike on Thursday, June 26th.
Hamed Ahmadi, Kamal Molaei, Jamshid Dehghani and Jahangir Dehghani are in critical physical conditions and suffering abdomen and intestinal bleeding. The Iranian regime’s henchmen go to these prisoners each day at 5 am, threatening to carry out their execution. These prisoners have also been in the quarantine ward’s solitary confinement, wearing clothes of death row inmates.
Furthermore, 80 Sunni prisoners in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj entered their 10th day of hunger strike in support of these four political prisoners.

Iran: 5 executed in Birjand Prison

             Group executions in Iran under Rouhani
                          Group executions in Iran under Rouhani

On Thursday, five inmates were executed in the Birjand Central Prison on charges of possessing and storing drugs. One of the executed inmates was an Afghan national by the name of Molavi Rahimallah, who was in the Birjand Prison for the past two years. This execution wasn’t announced by the Iranian regime’s official Medias. (Herana – June 21, 2014)

Iran – Onze personnes exécutées dans la prison de Ghezel-Hessar

 Un groupe d’onze prisonniers ont été exécutées par pendaison le jeudi 26 juin dans l’enceinte de la prison de Ghezel-Hessar (située près de la ville de Karaj, à l’ouest de Téhéran).
Les onze prisonniers exécutés étaient âgés de 25 à 40 ans et s’appelaient : Mehdi Aalaï, Karim Aziz-Zadeh, Bahram Rezvan-Panah, Karim Ghorbani, Davoud Karami, Khosravi, Gholami, Eslam Heydari et Siamak Heydari.
Près de 800 exécutions ont été enregistrées durant la première année de présidence d’Hassan Rohani.
Le taux élevé des exécutions arbitraires en Iran au cours de l’année écoulée montre que la soi-disant « modération » du régime iranien n’est rien de plus qu’une illusion.