lundi 29 février 2016

Your death is my shame

Poverty in Iran under Rouhani

A fifty-year-old homeless man, one of those miserable so called Carton-sleepers, died in the street in Yaftabad, south of Tehran, A news agency affiliated to the terrorist Quds force wrote: this morning, one of the Carton-sleepers diminished.
 An Iranian poet, named M. Shough sent us this poem. It says:
Oh! My dear compatriot carton-sleeper!
You have died, and have no tombstone
The mullahs have stolen your money
And all the expenses for your treatment have been sent to Syria
To kill innocent Syrians
That is why you died in the street,
Because you had no money for hospital treat
That is why you died on street pavement
For you had no one to care
And so, your death is my shame

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